Retro-esque microwave is warming our heart.

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Though sometimes the hippie/organic parts of ourselves get a little freaked out by the thought of microwaving food (like, what is even the science behind this, amIright?!) We do NOT like the look of most microwaves. Yuck. But, just like refrigerators have come a long way, now, too, have microwaves! Or this one, anyway. We’re talking about the good-looking Big Chill Microwave Oven!

This microwave doesn’t just look good…oh no, it’s got some impressive stats: A 2.0 cubic foot interior housing a 16 inch carousel (larger than many other microwave on the market). Has three reheat modes! Four defrost modes! A cool keep warm feature that will keep your food toasty up to half hour. What else? There’s even a nigh-light!

The Big Chill Microwave Oven is going to set your pocked book back about $595 but it’s totally worth it when you hear about all the other colors it comes in:  Buttercup Yellow, Jadite Green, Pink Lemonade, Beach Blue and Cherry Red. Or, if you’re boring, it also comes in black and white. Find a dealer today.

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