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PrintedArt.com Photographer’s Choice: Diane Modafferi’s Top Five List

Categories: Art + Graphics

Today we feature the picks of Diane Modafferi. Modafferi is an LA-based photographer who is trained in art, photography, and film production. She shoots a wide range of subjects with her favorite being scenic landscapes and sports. She enjoys creating longer exposures to capture light and movement within a still frame, resulting in energetic works that display rich, visual density.

To see Diane Modafferi’s PrintedArt.com collection, visit her portfolio.

Day After by Kim Wilson

Nice composition, great shot – it’s the morning after a street festival and the street is wet and desolate. You get a sense that the late night partiers are sleeping in…

Colorful Sunset Over Lake Martin by Susie Hoffpauir

Beautiful sunset looks even better in the reflection – love the shape of the tree in the lake.

Brooklyn Bridge Black and White by Richard Silver

Interesting perspective of the bridge, has a feeling of motion and energy.

Nantucket Paradise by Nanette Ferreri

I like the composition. The open pathway invites you to the beach.

Ripples Detail 1 by David Halperin

I like this shot for its simplicity, perfect shapes – beauty in nature.
<img src=”http://www.printedart.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/Preview/david_halperin/dscn0248_ripples_detail_1.jpg”

For more information or to purchase photos, visit http://www.printedart.com

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