PrintedArt.com Photographer’s Choice: Cathy Branscum’s Top Five List

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Today we feature the picks of Cathy Branscum. Cathy is a photographer living in Colorado who has an interest in “things from the past that will disappear.” She artistically and sometimes abstractly captures the natural world with an eye for detail and a strong sense of color. To see Cathy Branscum’s PrintedArt.com collection, visit her portfolio.

Shiprock Rock by Brad Mitchell

This is an amazing contrast of color and shape, it is mesmerizing.

Our Space Town by Carly Erin O’Neil

I love the foreground which reminds me of quartz crystals.

Godseye by Laura Marsh

This is beautiful with the use of the sky to take your eyes towards God.

Electrical Bank by Raymond St. Arnaud

Interesting shapes and color forming a perfect abstract image

Icicle Stream by Kim Wilson

This photo is a obvious work of art by nature.

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