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Specialized in the design and fabrication of high-end lighting, ozone responds to the varied demands of architects and private clients via their collection of lamps and of suspensions, as well as the development of custom-made pieces. Ozone also develops lighting installations in a more free and experimental context. Their minimal vocabulary, constructed from tension and rigor, is the geometric expression of a dialogue between space and light.

Their lamps, designed and made by hand in Paris, are assembled in their studio rue Vertbois. They are the association of traditional know-how and of cutting-edge technology, in keeping with a renewed French craftsmanship tradition. The quality of ozone’s lamps is the result of the extreme care taken in their creation, and the exclusive nature of the projects. With both the quality of the light and with the lamp’s finishes, ozone pursues an ideal of excellence.

As light is their raw material, ozone pay particular attention to exploiting its qualities as much as possible. Thanks to a number of in-house technical innovations, whether with fluorescent or LED lighting, ozone harness its qualities and apply themselves to rendering it as warm and as human as possible. Ozone have been designing and making lamps since 2000. Set up by Eric Jaehnke and Etienne Gounot, Ozone now counts 5 collaborators.

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