Mix and match pattern like a pro.

DIY + How To

Ready to begin dipping your toes into pattern on pattern lovin’? Here’s how:

  • Layer thick, busy textures with finer textures. Keep things solid-colored, dark and dramatic.
  • Add in larger patterns, like a simple design on a solid-colored blanket.
  • Find furniture with wood grain that particularly calls to you and bring in that natural feel.
  • Don’t get too colorful. This wallpaper is perfect because it’s a really busy pattern, but only black and white.
  • Find something that has a great pattern, like this Arkura Coral Side Table, to be your doesn’t-quite-belong-but-looks-fabulous-anyway piece. Notice that the color we chose looks great with the blue/purple palette we had already chosen.

Like what you see above? To get the look, find out what we used here.

Dark and dramatic not wild enough for you? Wanna be loud and proud with your pattern?

  • Unless you’re Kelly Wearstler, your home probably can’t stand pattern on every single surface, so start with a soothing, solid-colored base sofa.
  • Make your big patterns coordinate. We chose these rugs and art because they both feature organic, rectangular-shaped blocks of color.
  • Bring in texture as a pattern through a light fixture.
  • Let accessories be boldly colored, but let those colors come from the larger patterns in the rug and the art.
  • If you do branch out, have something be in common with something else. The cool geometric Squares pillow by Ferm Living definitely introduces a crazy pattern, but it’s soft, gray on gray tone matches the base color of the sofa so all is good!

Like what you see above? To get the look, find out what we used here.

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