Matteo Cibic’s Microrealities

Art & Design

How we missed this adorableness and cleverness when it first came out years ago in 2004 is beyond us, but it’s so cute and the weather is so nice out where we are right now and hey it’s Friday, so why not post cute photos of alternate micro-realities to cheer us up and be a good time suck until the weekend officially starts, am I right?

“Microrealities is a project designed and produced by Cibic&Partners, presented at Metamorph, La Biennale di Venezia in 2004. The 4 projects, have been displaied with 4 videoclips. A book of the project was released in 2006, edited by Skira.” There are more photos and little videos of the realities here.

Had you seen this before? How cute is this to you? Happy Friday, y’all.

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