Mad for Mad Men (and sleek sixties style)

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Yes, we’re one of THOSE people. We’ve got a beautiful Friday and Saturday ahead of us, but all we can do is daydream about Sunday, when that fabulous show about the swingin’ sixties and everyone’s favorite faux Madison Avenue advertising firm comes back: Mad Men! Eeek! The outfits! The hair! Yeah right…we care about those sexy sixties sets!

Those sets full of gorgeous sofas, coffee tables, club chairs, bar trolleys and more. What’s that? YOU wanna a house that looks as cool as a Mad Men set? Well we don’t sell vintage furniture at 2Modern, but we sure know how to rock a few brands that borrow heavily from the aesthetic of that era. Here are some gorgeous, drool-worthy, Mid-Century Modern-inspired furniture pieces to ogle to help tide you over until Sunday (and to buy if you’re looking to create the look at home!):

Alright fess up! Will you be watching the premiere this Sunday? And what are you most looking forward to…the outfits, the sets or to see what Don will be up to?!

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  1. Stephanie

    Apr 9, 2013 at 5:52 am

    This is stunning! I love the way the grey and brown colors contrast perfectly with the bright colors of the 60s. I am mad for Mad Men too and I am mad about your blog! Thank you for sharing this!

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