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Gray on gray on gray. Before you think this a too sad and gloomy piece of architecture, let us prove to you that it’s actually quite lovely and cheerful. Called the Yo House and located in Kanazawa, Japan and designed by ICU Architects, the home has a pretty futuristic, stark exterior marked pretty prominently by all that gray. And the inside doesn’t quite scream with color. What it does scream with? Complete reverence for the outside and the changing of the seasons, which you see quite clearly through giant windows designed for just such a purpose.

“This house placed within 30 minutes from Kanazawa city. The client lives here half a week with dogs. The site is at the end of a newly developed residential area. Woods remained slope occupies 2/3 of this site, there is a wild atmosphere.The influence of this woods to whole the site is remarkable. The broadleaf tree woods changes own appearance dramatically through the seasons—spring fresh green, summer dark green, autumn red leaves, winter snow landscape —, we can catch a change of seasons with a color.”

Would you enjoy watching the seasons change from a home like this? What do you think? Too gray or just modern enough?

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