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Wow. Just wow. Modern is…creating something that has never been seen before, and we can safely say we’ve never seen these sorts of elements mixed together to create a home. A house for a young couple and a set of parents, the home needed to be able to play with the idea of privacy, and it does so in new and interesting ways.

You’ll see lots of interior courtyards created from architecture, and of course there’s the stunning water-proof curtains that seems to make the whole space organic and almost living when they blow in the wind. Interesting use of colors, as well. Located in Yangseo-myeon in the Republic of Korea by architect Moon Hoon, the same brain behind the similarly tight-budgeted Lollipop House.

“The land purchased in Daesim-ri, Yangpyeong was a place where water, a rice paddy, a forest and livestock stables were intermingled. Despite a budget that was on the tight side, I was able to create seven inner courts including one for every room plus one in the center, while designing a circulatory balcony where there was sufficient space for the house owner and his cats and dogs to roam about freely. In order to create a boundary between the circulatory balcony with the outside, I initially considered hard and cold finishing materials. Due to the low budget, however, we had to improvise and finally opted for a finish with curtains made from waterproof cloth. The waving of the soft walls on a breezy day made it clear to me: the house is truly alive. When I walked around inside the house, the soft walls reacting to my body brought me exquisite feelings.”

What do you think about this house? How would you feel about curtains like that? Intense? Or awesome?

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  1. RAREculture

    Mar 13, 2012 at 10:17 am

    It’s look like some of these modern portuguese villas… with different materials of contemporary building and wild stuff! It’s a good blend, with angular lines, curves… And the curtains remember me beaches, summer, … but I don’t know why! :)

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