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Live Modern: Page Road Residence

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

Ooh what a cheery house! We bet even on a gray day a house like this would still be full of people with the most pleasant of personalities and moods. Why? Well that gorgeous yellow-tinted exterior probably wouldn’t hurt. And all the gorgeous multitudes of wood tones, bold colors, soft textiles and fun architectural details would no doubt add to it.

“A new house for an art collector and arts advocate. This house explores multiple layers of transparency to maximize light and volume on an intensely wooded site, which also required preservation of a vernal pool and protection of extensive wetlands. Conceptualized as a solid box, which opens to the light through a series of volumetric cuts, the materials reflect the operations that create the house’s surfaces.” Designed by Andrew Cohen Architects and located in Lincoln, Massachusetts.

What do you think about this house? Do you find it to be cheery? We genuinely wanna know.

Images: Architizer

10 Comments to "Live Modern: Page Road Residence"

  1. I love how cheery and colorful it is, especially that yellow siding… but the red-pink sculpture freaks me out. It looks like someone was mummified and wrapped in post-it notes!

    • Hah! What’s funny is I had been looking at all these pictures and noticing all the architectural details and had noticed that red color in the corner but hadn’t really paid attention to what it was. It was quite a shock when I actually focused in on the details!

  2. Love the natural setting which would be a nice place to watch a blizzard. But I can’t get over the idea that it needs at least one fern to soften all that linearity and rectangularity. I guess I wouldn’t be comfortable living in a gallery.

  3. Hmmmm! The owners will have to keep that bowl in the kitchen replenished with green apples in order to justify the color of the partitioning curtain.

      • Actually, judging by the width of the curtain’s head track,I suspect another solution is in the works. Perhaps a multi-panel, sliding Soji-type screen with transluscent panes (much more in keeping with the syle). Just a quick additional note; the craftsmanship of the siding installation (shingle panels?) is stellar -check the details at the windows and the compound miter joints at the window niche returns. Neat!

      • What an eye for detail you have! I love it! Keep showing me all these things in the homes we post! I’m really enjoying.

  4. This home is incredible! Love it.

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