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You know when we get on a kick around here it’s hard to stop. For awhile we were obsessed with modern barn-inspired homes. And then it was homes that were named with letters of initials. Come lately it’s been homes with super ultra simple interiors, with sharp architectural angles, light woods and colors and just a soft, calming feel to them. Like the House in Izumi-Ohmiya by Tato Architects / You Shimada. More than just a nice soft home, this house represents the perfect kind of idealism of modern design: creating a hyper-personal space that fits its inhabitants just splendidly:

“A warehouse was converted into a residential space for a young couple who like bouldering which is a kind of free climbing and a sport to climb rocks of two to four meters high without lifeline. The inside walls are designed in several leaned parts for them to attach some instruments to practice bouldering. For changing the nature of the building we came up with additional walls minimizing the modification to the existing building.”

Any rock climbers in the house? How would you love to have a rock climbing wall (or two) in your home?

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  1. RAREculture

    Mar 5, 2012 at 1:44 pm

    This house is very beautiful, the loft must be very cozy, it’s a blend of tree-hugging and industrial fashioned … Designer can be proud of his work… Outdoor, we can’t imagine an interior like this!

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