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We love how dreamy this home looks. There’s really something otherworldly about it. It’s a great shape, first of all. A functional shape because of the movement of winds in the area, but also just an incredible shape that looks beautiful. The lines are interesting and the way it meets the earth on one side feels like it’s one half nature made one half man made. It also sort of looks like it might take off at any point in time. Designed by Scalar Architecture and located in Santander, Spain.

“A 2,500-square-foot residential structure, located near the small village of Trasierra halfway between the Basque country and Galicia—on Spain’s Northern Atlantic coast. Emerging from a windswept former cornfield overlooking the Gulf of Biscay, Casa Lasso intertwines the built structure with the landscape. This occupation forms a figure eight along the site’s longest diagonal and aligns itself with the movement of (direction of) the prevailing winds.”

Do you think this home’s architecture is dreamy?

Images: Architizer 
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  1. Lydia

    Mar 27, 2012 at 9:52 am

    Fantastic design. Reminds me of this building http://www.camberbeach.co.uk/sea-gem.html which I saw recently near Hastings.

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