Lenny Kravitz…interior designer?

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“Kravitz Design Inc, helmed by international icon Lenny Kravitz, has unveiled the first series of details for Paramount Bay, the highly anticipated South Florida condominium which recently launched sales. Paramount Bay is currently undergoing an exciting transformation scheduled for completion early next year. It is the only existing new property launching in the market.

Kravitz Design Inc introduces a fresh, invigorating aesthetic for the 47-story bay front tower that reflects the sophisticated culture of Miami and incorporates distinct touches of Kravitz’s own eclectic style. Paramount Bay becomes the perfect blend of refined city apartment and casual beach home: comfortable luxury.

“My vision for Paramount Bay is one that integrates the natural beauty and energy of Miami into a look that is as functional as it is inspirational,” said Lenny Kravitz of Kravitz Design Inc. “Life within the walls of Paramount Bay should be a blend of urban chic and waterfront living. Every corner, space and turn is strategically envisioned to emphasize this.”

The forward-thinking design is matched by the latest technological advances, including a building-wide fiber optic backbone that allows for the fastest Internet possible in the common areas and also in each individual unit. The business lounge features live video conferencing capabilities and private meeting spaces. The children’s room is wired with live webcam technology, an added comfort that allows parents to stay connected to their children and nannies from any on-or off-site location.”

What do you think about celebrities turning into interior designers?


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  1. Jessica

    Mar 16, 2012 at 12:28 pm

    If you read the Kravitz Design Inc. website, it reads as if he has hired professionals to increase the value of his brand, not like he’s pretending to be a designer. If that’s the case, I say go for it. If you (as a celebrity) have the desire to fund a firm and really hire and support people who can carry out a vision of what your brand is, go for it. I’m just glad he’s hired trained professionals instead of pretending like he knows what he’s doing.

  2. Mark Aufflick

    Mar 30, 2012 at 10:28 pm

    Your question is a disingenuous attempt to spark cynical debate. Instead of “what do you think about celebrities turning into designers” how about “what do you think about people who are demonstrably creative in one medium applying their creativity to another medium?”

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