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Blik, the innovative maker of self-adhesive surface graphics is excited to announce the launch of Keith Haring ~ Pattern Wall Tiles, a new eco-friendly take on Haring’s repeating patterns. Although he is best known for his iconic line-drawings of radiant babies and barking dogs, Haring was fascinated by complex surface pattern and startling color combinations. The launch of the wall tiles is timed with the recent opening of Keith Haring: 1978-1982 at the Brooklyn Museum.

The exhibit is the first large-scale exhibition of Haring’s early career tracing the development of Haring’s visual vocabulary. The exhibition includes 155 works on paper, numerous experimental videos and over 150 archival objects. The striking pattern, reminiscent of the black and white mural from Keith Haring’s original Pop Shop, moves across two 28″ x 48″ tiles.

Like all Blik Pattern Wall Tiles, Keith Haring ~ Pattern Wall Tiles are self-adhesive (no messy glue required), movable, reusable and eco-friendly (free of both PVC’s and phthalates.) Completely customizable, the wall tiles can be cut, crafted and arranged in a number of ways. Create an accent over a sofa or frame a small section of a wall, or add more tiles to the design to recreate the mural environment. The environmentalist in you will love them and the art critic in you will happily approve.

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