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K-NAP’s “Infinitely Adaptable” Furniture

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

Who doesn’t like to change their minds and their home every now and then? Why not make it easy by buying furniture that is really flexible and can change configuration easily, eh? Kind of digging some of the ideas behind K-NAP, though not sure if we’re a fan of the colors available. It’s a neat idea, just seems a bit too bold for our tastes? Like a little more contemporary and not modern?

“Gone are all the clichés on furniture, K-nap will make you discover new concepts of adaptable and exciting products. The dynamic style and changing forms of K-nap seating means you can carry out a makeover of your room whenever you wish. You can combine pieces, create new forms, just like in a construction game!” More.

What do you guys think?

One Comment to "K-NAP’s “Infinitely Adaptable” Furniture"

  1. Great idea for space saver and adaptability

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