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So you’ve picked out a rockin’ couch, a really cool rug and some other furniture pieces in really basic, neutral colors because you want to have them for a long time. Oh heck. Now you need some color in your space. Have no fear! Accent colors are on their way! But—in what way they manifest themselves in your space is entirely up to you. Believe us. Color — especially in rooms that are devoid of a lot of it — can really have a powerful effect on a space. Choose them wisely and implement them even more wisely. Here are two favorite ways to do so:

The “Inspired sprinkles” method
Take inspiration from something colorful you love, say a piece of art or perhaps a chair fabric, and implement two or three of those colors as accent colors around your space. Pillows and tabletop accessories that feature the accent color are perfect. Just don’t go overboard and don’t weigh down one side of your space by not spreading the color around: choose three or four points around your room to add that punch of accent color.

A Bold pop (or two) of color method
For those  who like to really make a difference in a space; really shake things up, this method might be for them. And, it’s actually the easiest and funnest to pull off. Just keep your space neutral toned or monotone (all one color). Then, BOOM! Add a wildly bold or rich color in only one or two big or surprising spots! Works awesome if you have like an all white/neutral room and a big red couch. Or an all wood-toned space and a big bouquet of purple flowers. Don’t believe us? See this space rock one yellow accent color brilliantly.

These are just two fool-proof ways to add in accent colors…how do you do it in your space? Do you even have accent colors? Have any accent color horror stories to share?!

Love the images you see above? We made them with Olioboard. See all the items we used in our bold pop of color here. Or find which items we incorporated into our inspired sprinkles board here.

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