Hamptons Collection by GianVittorio Plazzogna

Modern Decor

Normally what you would consider high-end, traditional outdoor furniture doesn’t bowl us over (certainly not furniture named “Hamptons”), but we’re kind of digging this line we spotted from Italian company Roberti Rattan. There’s something decidedly modern about those lines and we like how graphic and contrast-y they seem and would look in an outdoor area.

“GianVittorio Plazzogna is a processing product design collaborating with many companies in the furniture field and also developing complete shops equipment and interior decoration. Hamptons is a furniture system of modular armchairs and sofas. All the elements are made of a metal frame covered with Sunweave (poliethylene fibres) in the finishing “musk”: this material allows a versatile use of the furniture both inside and outside the house. The design of all elements is based on the concept s of “ full and empty”, this idea is fully expressed by the armrest, that in the sofa is reduced to give lightness and transparency, while in the pouf it widens becoming a small table with functionality.” More.


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