100% Recyclable Furniture SmartDeco Update!

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It’s a Kickstarter success story! We featured awhile back a great little product-to-be called SmartDeco. Basically sustainable, affordable, unique cardboard furniture you’d fold yourself to save the planet and save you money. Well we just got an email from them…not only did they get their Kickstarter backing funding, they’re off to an amazing start!

Founder and CEO Trent J. Mayol wanted to share the good news with us: “SmartDeco continues to grow faster than we anticipated and we’re loving every second of it. Our website is taking in orders daily and we recently had a very successful sale on FAB.com where we sold over 500 products! We have a couple more flash sales coming up before we begin our giant college marketing push for next year.

In the meantime we’ve gotten in touch with some local artists to do some really cool collaborations. We’re trying to emphasize that SmartDeco products are blank canvases and people can personalize them however they DECO. We’re also making some design changes (you’re the first to know) for the next production run that will make the SmartDeco even easier to assemble. SO EASY. You can find a lot of pictures on our website and some fun pictures on our Facebook page (where you should definitely ‘like’ us and leave a comment!).”

Awesome! And definitely love the fact that you could TOTALLY personalize these to look like any color or pattern you want. That is pretty rock star. 

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