Featured Artist: Richard Colman

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Perhaps one of our favorite things about viewing art is imagining the sort of world that must go on in the mind of an artist. The imagination it has to take to come up with the worlds that these artists portray and create is huge, and we always enjoy getting to step into someone else’s. Well, if you’re planning on stepping into artist Richard Colman’s world, you might want to buckle up.

It’s hard to really categorize Richard’s work. It certainly has a lot of themes of modern times in it. A lot of whimsy. You’re not really sure if it’s making fun of things are honoring. There are a lot of rainbows. Some geometric shapes. A few animals. Some collage. Really just a quirky, funny mish mash of current ideas and past shapes and all mixed together to create a really interesting world we’d like to visit from time to time. Via It’s Nice That.

What do you think about decapitated bears regurgitating prismatic rainbows? 

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