Featured Artist: David Collins

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You really can’t go wrong when it comes to modern art whose inspiration comes from architecture and other structures. Geometry is pretty awesome, but it takes on new meaning when presented in abstract painting form. David Collins, a New York City-based artist, explores a lot of the same ideas in architecture in his work, and his colors are bright, vibrant and perfect for a modern home. From his website:

“My painting’s visual language is culled from recollections of airports, homes, and construction sites. I render these industrial and domestic scenes in highly geometric planes and vivid colors. As the viewer is led through this complex maze, structures begin to assemble into familiar forms while simultaneously expanding and fragmenting. With the inclusion of wallpaper patterns, in the form of both actual antique samples and designs translated digitally onto asian paper, I reference specific interiors from both personal history and more general experience. The wall surfaces are however never allowed to remain whole. They fracture, split and fall away to reveal other chambers or the suggestion of an outside realm. I am fascinated by these liminal spaces as a metaphor for the fluidness of memory.”

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