Featured Artist: David Bayus

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Continuing to fuel the fire of our contemporary digital manipulation and collage love affair we’ve been having lately. We’re caught, first, off guard almost, by the rich colors and strong shapes that we see in artist David Bayus’ work. Many collage artists tend to go for softer edges or more dreamy feels, but not David; his work is bold, come-atcha and extraordinarily disarming.

Disarming by its boldness, yes, but also because it sort of makes you squirm a little when you see it. Like it makes you just a little uncomfortable but you don’t know why. That feeling when you feel someone looking at you but then turn around and no one’s there. Does that mean there’s a truth to be found in David’s work? That perhaps, even, that feeling of someone staring at you is truth staring at you? Your guess is as good as ours. See more of his work here. And if you’re in San Francisco, he’ll be having a show opening in June.

How do you feel when you see his work? Weird? Awesome? Icky? Like you could tackle the world?


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