Featured Artist: Carla Andrade

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Things are feeling so dreamy this Friday! We guess we’re just gearing up for a nice spring weekend and are having trouble staying focused! In that vein, why not just join ’em if you can’t fight ’em? We’re really digging the dreamy photography work of Carla Andrade. Featuring a lot of landscapes but also a lot of far-off people, you sort of wonder, ‘could I have dreamed this?’

“The idea is to turn the dream the unconscious that tends to be our life, into a lucid dream. To do that, I try not to be involved or not to be identified so absorbed by reality. It’s about creating a separation, seeing everything from outside, attending as a spectator to distinguish my perception of what constitutes subjective objective reality. Equivalent act of making an effort to remain lucid in dreams and lead them, but taken to the life and considering it as a dream that we create on the flow.” More.

Are you feeling quite dreamy today too?

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