DIY: Twister mat fun time!

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We’ve been seeing quite a few DIY projects for make-yourself “Twister” mats, and the one we spotted on Design*Sponge is our favorite. Why make one when there are so many to be bought? Well, adding a personal touch is a big bonus. Being able to make it any size to fit your entertaining needs is another. And hey…wouldn’t you want to be able to customize the color palette to match your own home or party?!

With plenty of instructions you’ll learn how to create your own fun lawn game…with spring coming you better be prepared! It’d be great for kids or grown-ups! They even show you how to make a spinner, which is a vital part of the Twister game! They also provide a thoughtful materials list. More on Design*Sponge.

What are your favorite lawn games for playing outside on a gorgeous day?

Image: Kate Pruitt via Design*Sponge
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