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DIY: More Vase Love

Categories: DIY + How To

Why so many vase DIY’s around here lately, eh? Well, this is right about that time (we’re referring to spring temperatures and sounds) that folks start feeling the need and desire to add some color into their indoor and outdoor spaces. And what’s the easiest way to add color to a space? Why, accessories, of course!

And a favorite accessory to use to do that are vases and other small containers, which, as we’ve seen, can be bought or found very cheaply and manipulated with a lot of fun results. Today’s we spotted at Pimpelwit Interior Styling and Design’s blog. This one doesn’t really showcase anything too special, except we really love the super matte, bright bold color she used for the outside and the special effect she did to create a surprisingly simple interior. Check it out here. Kind of perfect for all the weird crystal glass containers that no one really thinks is in style anymore.

What do you think about this particular vase project? Have you worked on painting any accessories yourself this season yet? Let us know! 

Images: Pimpelwit Interior Styling and Design

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