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As you’ve probably noticed from the number of artists featured with this style, we really love a good art collage, and love it even more when it features some geometric shapes. Though we never condone copying other folks’ art, we do appreciate a DIY project that takes inspiration from certain styles, and A Beautiful Mess’ Elsie Larson has come up with a great art project that you could do your self for some cheap, self-made art for your walls!

As Elsie mentions on her DIY post, the best part of this project is how customizable it can be; you can really make these art pieces mean something to you. As usual, she’s laid out all the materials and supplies you need, how to create this art beautifully and idea on how to make it more uniquely yours. Go to the project post right now and make your own art!

What photos and colors would you use to make this project? What size would you make it? Do you see yourself making art like this for your walls?

Image: Elsie Larson
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  1. Devon Sharon

    Mar 19, 2012 at 8:38 am

    Here is a similar collage using paper bags from Trader Joe’s and Union Market in Brooklyn. I just couldn’t resist the beautiful old spoon/fork clipart available on every bag! It was a really fun project and I would definitely do it again.


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