DIY: Jonathan Adler-inspired vase

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Wahoo! Although we adore all the quirkiness that is Jonathan Adler’s work with fun tabletop accessories, for some his items might not be affordable. Still others might crave a little bit more custimization. And heck—some folks just like making things on their own!

Using Jonathan Adler’s Misia Vase and Salvador Vase as inspiration, the crafty chica behind A Brooklyn Limestone in Progress came up with this clever way to mimic the same effect on a cheap IKEA vase as on these Jonathan Adler vases. It’ll take some materials, some careful hands and some patience, but you should be able to create a vase for your own modern home that will have its own sort of quirkiness to it! And don’t feel like you have to stick to just lips or moustaches…what might be on your vase?

Images: A Brooklyn Limestone in Progress and Jonathan Adler.com
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