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DIY: Birch Bark Lamp

Categories: DIY + How To

You know we love when the natural world can intersect with the modern design world. It just gives modern design more meaning when it has elements that come from nature or at the very least respect it. We’re enjoying very much the easy-to-make DIY project we spotted on Shelterness involving some lovely birch bark.

Now if you don’t live in a place that has easy-t0-access birch bark for reusing, definitely use your imagination for the kind of bark you can find in your neck of the woods. Once the bark has been procured, the steps seem fairly easy. The thinner the bark, the more light and detail it will let through. And probably be easier to curve. Spotted on the fabulous blog Ruffled.

What do you think about these DIY birch bark lamp?

Images: Kat Schleicher of Ellagraph Studios

4 Comments to "DIY: Birch Bark Lamp"

  1. I love the textures and colors that the birch bark brings to the lamp! It’s similar to the unfinished bases of my lamps.

  2. This is a catching on style! Love it! I also have birch bark lighting in my Etsy shop

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