Designing around 1 element: a yellow chair

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Would you ever do it? Design your home around just one, albeit favorite, element, like a furniture piece or art piece, that you just love to pieces? That’s what the folks with this interior did. Or rather, they did something a little more radical, they redesigned their interior design to focus and center around an awesome modern yellow chair they found that they just had to have.

The yellow of the chair is already a scene-stealer, then clearing out and decluttering the rest of the space, the yellow chair stands out even more. Instead of going with a glossy white, they opted for a subtle matte white, to keep things soft and happy. Which the yellow chair certainly helps with. We like how they weren’t afraid to add some contrasting black color in pops. Spotted on House of Pictures.

What do you guys think of the space? Have you ever designed a room or an entire house around just one element?

Images: Paula Osenius
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