Austin pay phone revival project with art!

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Technology moving forward means there are often relics of the past that by necessity sometimes get abandoned. With how prolific cell phones are now, it’s sad to see all the pay phones become lonely things. Not anymore! The folks behind a cool moustache see saw art project that popped up in Austin last year and organized by an artist we’ve featured before, Bridget Quinn, comes the Pay Phone Revival Project!

“The mission of the Pay Phone Revival project is to restore function and communicative potential to abandoned payphone booths while also creating meaningful interactions between pedestrians and their everyday surroundings in Austin, Tx. This will be achieved by commissioning innovative artists to transform them, by using them as the epicenter for art/design interventions in the urban landscape. Through an inclusive RFP process ten artist/teams were selected for round two of the Pay Phone Revival Project. The resulting art/design interventions will transform abandoned pay phone booths into dynamic objects that inspire play, create a new function, or tell a story.” A Kickstarter project worth it in our opinion.

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