Artist: Allie Mount’s Sandy River Landscapes

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We have a small obsession with paintings of America from way back when…before we started building, tearing down and changing. Don’t get us wrong; obviously we’re huge fans of architecture and appreciate a good built structure like no other. But there’s just something so fresh and new about America before it was changed into what it is. That’s kind of what Allie Mount’s Sandy River Landscapes remind us of.

They are simple photos. No crazy light. No overly complicated compositions. Nothing hidden. Nothing implied. Just something that appears untouched. Unspoiled. And best bonus? The Sandy River area, where landscape photographer Allie took a year to photograph this series, is the area that was explored by that famous dynamic duo Lewis & Clark. Love that mix up between modern times and historical times. More from The Great Leap Sideways (good interview, too)

Images: Allie Mount

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