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Daily Archives: March 2, 2012

4 DIY Projects to do THIS weekend (with minimal saw dust involved)

Categories: DIY + How To
4 DIY Projects to do THIS weekend (with minimal saw dust involved)

Perhaps we were feeling a little burnt out on huge, complicated, lots of tools-needed projects, because this week we posted about a lot of sweet, even functional projects that genuinely could be made with hardly any mess and not even a lot of materials. Now that’s what we’re talking about! — Continue reading

Matteo Cibic’s Microrealities

Categories: Art + Graphics
Matteo Cibic's Microrealities

How we missed this adorableness and cleverness when it first came out years ago in 2004 is beyond us, but it’s so cute and the weather is so nice out where we are right now and hey it’s Friday, so why not post cute photos of alternate micro-realities to cheer — Continue reading

Live Modern: Page Road Residence

Categories: Architecture + Interiors
Live Modern: Page Road Residence

Ooh what a cheery house! We bet even on a gray day a house like this would still be full of people with the most pleasant of personalities and moods. Why? Well that gorgeous yellow-tinted exterior probably wouldn’t hurt. And all the gorgeous multitudes of wood tones, bold colors, soft — Continue reading