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What’s modern, awesome and sure to light up even the darkest night? Why…it’s Barcelona-based company Marset’s brilliant designs, new on 2Modern! We couldn’t be more excited to offer up their sleek light fixtures on our website. There’s a definite modern simplicity that permeates through every one of their pieces, but also a level of sophistication and detail that is thick and lovely. You won’t find a lot of crazy colors in their collection, but you will find a high level of quality and a light fixture that will be the center of attention any room it goes in.

Started in 1940 as a metal casting business, it’s amazing how Marset’s been able to not only stay on top of the trends, but actually set them. They’re always looking at new technologies and processes to create their designs, and continue to innovate in the design world year after year. Catch Marset on 2Modern!

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