We Like What They Do: Tim Boelaars

Art & Design

Buildings, furniture, tools and guns, with these posters by Tim Boelaars, one might think he’s making a statement on the only things we really need in life: a place to shelter from the environment, some place to sleep, things to help you do what you do and something to protect ones’ self. He doesn’t mention that, of course, but as like all art we are allowed to interpret his work  in our own way.

Besides its deeper possibly philosophies, we enjoy the bubbly adorableness of his graphics, the geometric and controlled way in which he’s laid the graphics out and the soft color palettes of the actual print background of the posters. “The printed goods in this store have been designed and manufactured by Tim Boelaars in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. All the prints are limited and numbered by Tim Boelaars.” More.

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