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We Like What They Do: The Design Pallet

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

If there’s one thing we love a tad bit more than awesome modern design it’s awesome modern design made with reclaimed materials. It’s just impressive when you can take something that used to be something else and still see the potential in it (as opposed to just seeing potential in a raw, blank canvas material). We’ve come across The Design Pallet, a Seattle-based company grabbing old, on-its-way-to-the-landfill materials to create simple, stylish, retro-inspired furniture pieces modern lovers are sure to adore:

From an email they sent us: “It all started with a pallet potting bench made from discarded shipping pallets. Cut to several years later and it’s evolved into more refined furniture with an emphasis on locally salvaged lumber – trees that have felled, are diseased or otherwise have been cut down. Occasionally we experiment with re-purposing items like bowling alley flooring or again, shipping pallets. And again, all of our smaller home decor items are created from the off cut material of larger projects. We have a very minimal firewood/waste pile.”

“Whenever possible we use locally salvaged and reclaimed lumber, and each piece is custom designed to exist in harmony with the space it is destined for. All of our Home Decor items are crafted from “off cuts” of previous projects and saved from the waste pile. The Design Pallet was born from the idea that beautiful, sustainable, custom furniture can be affordable. The project began with a simple pallet potting bench, and has grown into a vibrant and sustainable business serving Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.” More. Etsy. Facebook.

5 Comments to "We Like What They Do: The Design Pallet"

  1. Thanks so much for the terrific post! Love it! Thank you for supporting small sustainable businesses like The Design Pallet – very cool.

  2. Beautiful and affordable furniture from recycled wood! Good for the home and good for the environment!

  3. We have a set of their Tea light holders. Fantastic workmanship. True art.

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