We Like What They Do: Ladies & Gentlemen

Modern Decor

Ahh the month of love is here! What a great time to introduce a dynamic designer duo we just discovered and love. Ladies and gentlemen we introduce to you Ladies & Gentleman. Besides being a very socially polite name, this designer couple of Jean and Dylan met at school, traveled around a bit, fell in love with the world, design and good things and decided to start making things to share with the world. We love everything they’re creating.

There’s the chalkboard pig (must-have). There’s that cool tray that would be perfect for entertaining guests. There’s a lovely cane stool that is so adorable and functional. There are some wooden house candle holders which look adorable. And plenty of other great things. Their aesthetic is warm, friendly, homey with a soft modern color palette sure to fit any home. More.

Which of their items is your favorite?

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