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Toss Furniture

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

Toss combines playfulness with functional design. Its possibilities complement your home or office, based on it’s geometric shape that plays with you as you toss it around. A unique and flexible approach to style. Discover the different shapes that Toss offers you as you get creative with it: a truly flexible piece of furniture that doesn’t compromise its aesthetic value. Toss also comes in different colours offering a variety of combinations when other elements are tossed in. One element gives you 8 folds and 19 positions.

Designed to be durable, Toss is made out of the very best fabrics originated from the automotive and aviation industry. The shell is made out of extremely durable sunbrella fabric and the filling out of polyurethane foam. More. Facebook.

This post comes courtesy of Charlotte Derore through our “make a guest post” page. Got a great lead, product find or idea? Share yours and it could make it on the 2Modern blog!

3 Comments to "Toss Furniture"

  1. Excellent design. I already have many ideas to arrange this into various useful furniture – chair, make-shift bed, kids play area and many more!

  2. Cool to hear you already have many ideas about how to integrate this into your interior. This is want we want to hear from customers! Please do not hesitate to contact us for some information (info@toss-furniture.com)

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