Super Afforable Easy DIY: Painted porcelain

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Ahhh! You know what makes a really awesome DIY project? Not only being something FREAKISHLY affordable, but being something that you can make out of new materials or old materials. We’ve found a project we will definitely be trying on A Merry Mishap blog: diy painted porcelain.

We’re so embarrassed to admit we didn’t even realize that porcelain pens were a thing, but they are, and it turns out you can buy them pretty cheaply at your local craft store. So, you could buy plain ol’ white porcelain, or wouldn’t this be fun to update an old set you have but don’t love any more? It would seem that literally anything could be possible. There’s just one more step after you’ve drawn your designs to finishing this project, but anyone with a kitchen can complete it: find the step at the full blog post.

Need some pattern inspiration? Our Pinterest page has a board of punch-in-the-face pattern and another of soft and subtle pattern

Image: Jennifer Hagler of A Merry Mishap
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