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Stories about red buildings

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Modern Holiday Ideas

A magazine post last week notes about the bright red buildings around the world from a psychiatric centre in Spain, a shelter in Portugal, a chocolate museum in Brazil to red bridges and pavilions. Using materials such as steel tubing, red coated zinc sheets, red glass, steel-frames, aluminum and plastic make the color red to stand with its combined material for unique statements.

Associated with feelings such as anger, lust, love, danger, beauty and happiness, the selection of red for this psychiatric center with the peaked roofs represent the ups and downs of the emotional and mental activities within the structure.

A pedestrian walkway between a subway and bus station.

Serpentine gallery by Jean Nouvel.

For more images and stories about the red buildings, here is the link.


4 Comments to "Stories about red buildings"

  1. Red hot nice. Red also is a great color to have at home or any structure. It has different meaning but depends on where do you put that color into your house or space. Nice post!

  2. I love the power of red and red buildings…here is another to add to the mix. Cesar Pelli’s red building for the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. Chic

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