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This week we feature the picks of Rodney Ladson. Ladson is a creative commercial and retail photographer with more than 10 years of experience in the field. His specialty is portraiture, but in the PrintedArt.com collection we get a glimpse of his expertise in nature and landscape photography. With great attention to detail and an eye for perspective, he creates stunning documentations of the natural world.

To see Rodney Ladson’s PrintedArt.com collection, visit his portfolio.

Vertigo with Body Parts by David Halperin

This image caught my attention. I like the motion created and the concept. Nice depth of field is created in this image.  The black white also adds more impact to this leaning mannequin. This is the type to image that makes you want to create.

Calm Waters by Roupen Baker

Calm Waters…It is. I could sit at a photo like this and feel that I am there. This photo would be a great addition to any wall anywhere. Looking at this photo is calming. Nice soothing colors… nice depth and use of rule of thirds. I see myself sitting on the pier chilling. To capture this stillness and time of day is special.

Guatemala Wall #10 by Bruce Amos

I could not pass up this Guatemalan Wall photo. I like the series that I have viewed. This photo has nice simplistic design that makes it perfect for a wall or make it the size of a wall. The shadow directions and the window in the wall add depth. The depth of the window adds mystery and helps give the artwork a story.

Nesserlaan by David Halperin

This image has depth with mystery.  I like the feel of mystery. This road has been traveled or this is what the future looks like if one travels this road. I like the use Black and White.

Piermont NY House in the Evening by Manny Akis

The colors are calming, the blur creates a feel that I cannot describe but it draws me in. The lines of the building bring focus to a scene without focus. The dark area gives the feel of looking through something and frames the right corner of the image.
<img src=”http://www.printedart.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/Preview/mannyakis/piermont_motion_bldg_1_of_1.jpg”

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