Pattern: Geometric Retro Grunge

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If you’ve been wondering what geometric retro grunge art looked like, it’s this: the work of graphic designer and illustrator Simon C. Page. Isn’t it just so vibrant? The best part of his work is just how so aptly it’s titled. It certainly features a dizzying array of geometric shapes and lines. There’s definitely a certain retro feel to it (one of his designs reminds us of a sort of tile pattern you might find in a public institution from the Mid-Century) and the grunge part even applies, too: it kind of feels like the psychadelic album covers you might see for a band.

All the affordable prints are gallery-quality giclée print on 100% cotton rag archival paper, printed with archival inks and found on In Prnt. More about Simon himself: “I have a passion for minimalism and some of my favourite and most rewarding designs involves typography, geometry and science fiction (which you can see from my astronomy prints and the occasional movie posters I design). I like my work to adapt and evolve naturally for each project and not stay too static, often challenging myself with new self-initiated works, regularly showing variation in my creative process.” More at his portfolio here.

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