Owen and Vokes’ 4 Room Cottage

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Oh we’re loving the odd style mixes, dramatic color pairings and interesting angles spotted in this house called Four-Room Cottage by Australian firm Owen and Vokes. Firstly, love the overwhelming mix of black and white punctuated by color. The black and white here is really used as a way to highlight the interesting architecture that you spot when you turn every corner.

And on the subject of the architecture…it’s just so darn unique. It’s got slight hints of traditional architecture, but done in really fresh, modern ways. We love how they play around with the idea of an “outline,” merely teasing at structure. There are a lot of controlled ways in which you peer at views: through a opening pass the kitchen, through architecture. Light and shadows play in this structure. It’s quite inspiring. Looks like it might have been a renovation, and the project dates are listed as 2008-2011. More.

What do you think about this home? Is it inspiring to you? Let us know what your favorite element is.

Images: Owen and Vokes
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