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You know how we feel about Kickstarter campaigns: something has to be really spectacular for us to post about it considering how many of the darn things there are. Today’s post about a Kickstarter campaign made the cut more for its novelty and capacity to confuse us, but in a good way.

“With your help, we’d like to launch our first line of lup footwear (pronounced “loop”). Our hope is to raise enough funding to create a free design and mentoring space in New York City. This space would allow designers to come together, meet mentors, work on their designs and use the studio to showcase their work in a professional setting. The idea for this open design space is quite personal to us, because it’s what we wish we had access to during the early stages of our careers. We simply wanted to create great-looking versatile footwear. We started by designing the shoe around the sport of ping pong, which has given them a very unique feel and style. The end result is a great looking, comfortable pair of footwear that will complement any lifestyle.”

Questions we are having: there are ping pong shoes that already existed? Why do people need ping pong shoes if they don’t play ping pong? And more. But, in the end, we liked the way these shoes looked and also that there would be a creative/give back aspect to the project. So it’s not so much an endorsement as a ‘this is kind of cool-ment’. More.

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