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Say what you will about modern homes not fitting into the aesthetic look of an existing neighborhood, but sometimes it’s fun to see a structure that is just so original it excites and delights. There’s no way that you’d miss this house if you drove by it; the pointed roof mimics a mountain range, and while the peaks and valleys of the architecture is dynamic, the nature-inspired shaped skyline also gives off a feeling of peace.

We love the choice of a turquoise blue door that contrasts with all the natural wood of the exterior, showing things aren’t too serious. Inside is a lovely mix of simple architecture, an all-white paint palette and unfortunately kind of semi-traditional furniture (we’d choose something else, but it’s lovely enough of a space we don’t mind too much.)

“Designed by MOLE Architects the aim of the project was the refurbishment of an existing unprepossessing 2-bedroom 1960’s Bungalow in the village of Over, Cambridgeshire. The completed building includes the reorganisation of the internal rooms to include main and guest bedroom, opening up of garden room at the rear to be used as a main living space, focusing on an existing magnolia tree, attic space, and the addition of utility room and incorporation of garage into main house. Most significantly, the front North façade of the building has been completely remodelled into a saw-tooth elevation composed of 4 pitches clad in vertical Siberian larch boarding.”

What do you think about the exterior? Do you like that it’s so different or do you think it’s a little too rude to any surrounding homes?

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