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Live Modern: Stealth Barn

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

Okay we know we say this about almost every piece of architecture we showcase on the 2Modern blog, but mark it: this really is our dream house. Actually designed to be a guest house or studio next to a larger (equally as awesome) structure, we love the layout; simple, almost shotgun, with just the right amount of rooms needed and nothing more. The exterior of the house is a sleek, black wood that both stands in stark contrast with the bright green grass but also fits right into the natural feel of the surroundings.

Now, we’ll admit, we’re not a huge fan of the OSB. In fact, if we were building this ourselves we’d switch it to a blonder plywood for our own aesthetic tastes. But you have to admit how awesome the interior looks being all one material. One wildly honey-toned, patterned material. We’re talking walls, fun ceiling angles, even built-ins. It’s formidable. It’s modern. It was probably affordable as f*@$. Designed by Carl Turner Architects and located in the United Kingdom. Completed in August of last year.

“Stealth Barn is a project that sits next to and complements Ochre Barn, a large threshing barn converted by CTA to a home and studio. This addition was to provide a self-contained unit that could equally act as a guest house, studio or meeting place, depending on time of year and workloads: a retreat, but also a place of inspiration, enjoyment and a place of work and home without compromising the experience of either.”

Images: Architizer

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  1. Splinters! Splinters! Splinters!

    Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch!

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