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Live Modern: R House

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

What’s up with our obsession with houses that are named after letters? Maybe it’s because we’re always trying to guess what the letter stands for. This home, R House, is located in Hungary in 2011 and was designed by Bauer Polla. It’s interesting, but if you take away the bright blue sky and the wonderful green grass from these photos, you are left with a pretty simple, almost boring home in terms of color, but that might have  been entirely the point.

“The house was built in the recently parcelled suburb area of a provincial town, intersected by vineyards. Designed by Polla Bauer and András Ónodi, this building with its sharp contour and discrete elegance at the same time stands out immediately from the neighbourhood. Intercepted into the slope the house constitutes a two-storey elevation towards the street, which becomes one-storey at the back due to the inclination and the gable roof moved from the centre. The symmetry of the street facade may trigger tension first, which is relieved by the lean-to of the living-room additively attached to the building.” We’re also sort of digging the words that seem to be written on the glass of the balconies…does anyone know what they say?

What do you think about this house? A nice contrast to the environment or kind of boring? Let us know!

Images: Bujnovszky Tamás via Archello

3 Comments to "Live Modern: R House"

  1. There’s something about Bauer Polla’s R House that I just find intriguing. I’m pretty sure it’s the shape of that dark frame contrasted with the white wall. I don’t find it boring.

    • Fair enough! I mean for sure, I find it interesting enough to post about…I think that’s what I mean in the copy. Like, it’s kind of like it should be boring, but it’s not. Somehow you get sucked into it. That’s good design right there!

  2. Love the share and clean lines of this home!

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