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Oh we love tiny houses and we love houses made out of affordable materials. This MYZ House in Nagano, Japan designed by no.555 fits the modern bill, alright. We love that it seems to be a thin, narrow rectangular shape that goes from public to private spaces. Love the mix of gorgeous, clean wood floors with a more affordable material for the walls and the ceiling. Love the simple furnishings, that big, bright front window and the fact that this is more proof that you don’t need a lot of space or things to be modernly happy! From Architizer:

“I aimed to assimilate,because the quiet surroundings. The building filled with soil, and low proportions. Levels in each room is a little lower, the animals like to enter in “nest”. Also the concrete wall is like a bird nest of woven grass. I aimed ” the quiet architecture ” idyllic landscape.”

Images: Architizer
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