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Love those modern additions. Though they don’t show the entire house and the addition add-on for you to compare and contrast in this house addition project in Rhinebeck, New York designed by Martin Holub. But, we think it’s safe to say it probably matches the exterior aesthetics of the rest of the house, only with a sweet, modern twist. You were just asking the other day for inspiration for a modern hot tub addition to your house, weren’t you?

Okay so, we probably can’t all afford this sort of project addition, and least of all just to house a hot tub/flat screen TV set up, but the inspiration is still there. We love the geometric treatment of the window wall, giving it an airy sort of feeling that just wouldn’t have translated as well if it had been flat. Also containing a laundry room, bathroom and a bar, this is the sort of mix of activities that are perfect for the particular people living in the home.

What would be housed in your modern home addition, if you had one? Do you just need extra room in general, or would you make it a hot tub laundry TV space like they did? Or maybe a painter’s cottage or writer’s cottage? We’re curious! Let us know.

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  1. vijay banga

    Apr 25, 2013 at 9:13 am

    Feeling of space and warmth

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