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Wow! We’re loving how this house stays simple with colors and materials, but let’s a kind of complicated interior architecture really shine through! Working with a pretty small, narrow lot, the High Land Design worked up, and in a really interesting way. Spanning four floors, the architect had to balance the need for vertical movement and the need for enough living space, and so the result is a fairly complicated set of wall and ceiling slants, but in a really interesting and eye-catching way. Built in 2011 in Toyko, Japan, we bet we’re going to be seeing more architecture like this as space continues to be a premium in urban settings.

“This house is located in a heavily trafficked road on the north side. We thought that is important to be connected the scene of life continuously while moved up and down about this project. We placed each space like spiral around the stairs. So that It is possible to move around each space without feeling the difficulty moving up and down.”

What do you think about all that interior architecture? Distracting or quite the sight?

Images: Architizer
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  1. This place looks amazing! I like the use of white & the cool curves!

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