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If you have a physical or visual allergy to concrete walls and ceilings, big picture windows, beautiful wood floors and hip furniture, you might want to avoid the Casa Pocafarina home in Girona, Spain designed by Hidalgo Hartman. Of course, who would want to avoid a sort of modern floating-esque house? Doesn’t this kind of feel like a re-take of Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoie? Just a little bit?

“The house is situated on a corner plot with some good views over the distant landscape. In order to enjoy these views and avoid the neighboring buildings, the ideal configuration for the house was to create a compact form of cross which is placed at the center of gravity of the plot. The four wings are oriented in a way that ensures the selected views from inside the house.”

“The whole volume is supported by four pillars and cantilevers out over the garden level at a hight of one meter. The pillars itself are based on the lower ground floor of 8x8m that contains access to housing, the porch, garage and laundry. On the top floor, the cross-shaped plan organizes the four wings around a central space, an exterior courtyard, that provides sunlight Into the heart of the house.”

What do you think about this house? Super cool and modern or would you feel a little too on display in it? Let us know in the comments below!

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