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Live Modern: Architect’s House

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

What would a modern architect’s house in Finland look like? To a modern lover? Basically heaven. All blond wood, sleek lines and Scandinavian details, Architect’s House 1 designed by Haroma & Partners and located in Turku, Finland is filled with enviable and inspiring elements you just might want to emulate for your own space.

Before you try to explain that you could never live in a house that looked like this because you don’t share its awesome bones, let us assure you: lots of these details could be incorporated in just about any home and done so pretty affordably. Just some things we spotted in the photos: a crisp all white and blond wood color palette with black furniture and accessories accents. Simple, big white tile with a dark gray grout that really lends geometry in the spaces. Interior windows that let light flow through every space. Awesome Scandinavian modern furniture. Plywood room dividers with shelves inbetween. This is really a home full of inspiration for yours.

Images: Architizer

2 Comments to "Live Modern: Architect’s House"

  1. Wow! Looks attractive and very modern, whilst keeping the snug, ‘homey’ feel about it with the right lighting and layout.

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